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Planning a wedding can definitely feel overwhelming during the early stages. As a bride-to-be, it’s probably the first time you’ve ever had to organise a big event, let alone your very own wedding - a.k.a one of the most important days of your whole entire life (no pressure or anything!).

So when it comes to tasks like hiring furniture for your wedding - well, without having any previous experience, then where the heck do you even begin?!

Something we hear often with our couples is "I have no idea where to start!", closely followed by "I feel like I've forgotten something." Any of this sounding familiar? If so, it’s totally understandable to be feeling confused.

Luckily, we have a never-ending wealth of knowledge and information when it comes to hiring furniture for your wedding - in fact, it’s exactly what we’re here for!

So, we thought we would go through some checklists to outline the furniture you might need to hire, some tips and tricks to keep in mind, and answers to our frequently asked questions. Hopefully these guidelines will help you tick “furniture hire” off your list of things to do, and you can focus on other more important things. You know, like getting married ;)

Keep reading as we explain how to determine your hire requirements for each area of your day, from your ceremony right through to your reception.

Exactly What Do I Need?

The easiest way to go about this is to run through your wedding from the beginning of your ceremony right through to the end of the night, and create a list of your potential requirements for each area. This can be a little tricky without any previous experience, so we've put together some checklists below which go through the most common furniture and decor items you may need for each aspect of your wedding.

Depending on your venue, your overall "vision" for the day and the style of your wedding, they might not all apply to you. But go ahead and highlight the ones that are relevant - this way, you'll have a helpful checklist of furniture requirements that you can refer back to and tick off once organised.

Ps. These lists are based on furniture and decor hire requirements only. Don't forget about any other practical items you may need to hire in like heaters, PA equipment or a generator.


Another question we're asked frequently is, 'when do you recommend I start booking this furniture in?'

For weddings during peak season or weekends before public holidays, we do book out very quickly, so we would recommend booking your key pieces between 10-12 months out from your date - particularly if you need tables and chairs which are always the first to go. The other pieces that book out quickly are our lounges, dry bars, stools and service bars. Luckily we do have a big range so can take quite a few bookings over the same weekend, and our team can always suggest alternative options if your first choice happens to be unavailable.

There are probably going to be a few things you aren't 100% sure about in the early planning stages, like the exact colour of tea light holders you want or the perfect napkin shade to complement your tablescape. But you're much better off securing the items you definitely want first and then adding bits and pieces along the way, rather than leaving it until the month before your wedding and discovering everything is booked out!

Ask Us...

And finally, our number one tip. If you're feeling stuck or confused when it comes to hiring furniture for your wedding, then just ask us! Remember, this is what we do for a living, and we're always happy to answer any questions you might have. Our friendly team can chat through your ideas and help you put together the perfect furniture plan for your wedding.


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