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Covid 19 and Your wedding

If you are marrying in the next three months, you will have to adjust your plans now.

The good news is you can still tie the knot legally, it may just look different to how you planned – unless you postpone. This may be purely restricted to private ceremonies with just yourselves and witnesses.

How do I plan a wedding now?

If your wedding date is still a way off, wedding planning might look a little different in the next few months. In-person meetings with your wedding team will probably move to online platforms like Skype and Zoom, you may need to consider more digital tools too – make the most of them!

Most vendors you meet in person are taking extra precautions- bridal boutiques, for example, are allowing only 1-2 guests per dress shopping appointment- so again, make the most of your digital tools and take a slower, quiet approach to planning.

If it is indeed, creating an enormous amount of stress for you, consider hiring a wedding planner (Us) to help. We can take away the mental load for you and help you not just discover new or easier ways of doing things, but help you decide on your options.

Do remember that the vendors you are working within are currently under an inordinate amount of stress and have potentially lost their income for the next few months be patient with them as they work to shift current clients and make new plans.

What about my destination wedding?

Holding an international wedding is not going to be possible or easy for the next few months so if you do not want to postpone, it’s a great excuse to make the most of our local talent and start looking for your plan B. Australian has amazing destinations that can still replicate a holiday feel, and all the charm, but without travel and health issues involved. Start looking for your plan B now and enlist your vendors for their suggestions and ideas. They’ve worked at amazing weddings and will be able to advise you of places that may have a similar vibe.

If you want to shift your wedding to Australian soils and want to keep the same date, remember you have to register your intention to marry one month and one day before the big day. There is a “Shortening of Time” provision also in place you can apply for through your celebrant.

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