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Romantic, Intimate Weddings - Moving on From Covid...

1 You have more time to spend with each guest

It’s an easy numbers game, less guests means you as the host will have more time to spend with each guest throughout your Wedding day. PLUS, you will have the time to spend with your amazing new partner, bridal party and maybe even enjoy the fabulous dinner and have a dance while relaxing and enjoying the whole day. Time fly’s on your wedding day, so having more of it is such a bonus.

2 Budget friendly

It goes without saying that a more intimate wedding is likely to save you on the $$$ front. With most venues charging a cost per head for food and beverages you will immediately save by reducing the size of your wedding day. You will also require less of everything at the ceremony, invitations, stationary and all those little things we often forget about. Although, if you have a healthy budget, an intimate wedding can also mean you can spend big in other areas and really create that WOW factor you’ve been dreaming of...

3 More venue options

Too often we find that we are limited in our venue selection due to the number of guests we have. If you are having a more intimate day, this opens you up to almost any venue on the planet, plus some spaces that you wouldn’t usually consider for a wedding. You could hire an amazing house on AirBnB that is on the edge or a cliff, because you can make it work with your intimate crew. Or you can take them all to an amazing destination that is private, tiny and oh so beautiful. When you are going intimate, the options for your venue truly are limitless.

4 Photos of a lifetime

You may not have thought about this one, but it’s the intimate Weddings that allow your photographer to get more creative and take some risks. With less people to capture your amazing photographer will have the time to sneak around and take some pretty cool shots of you and your guests, its also easier for them to whisk you away for a quick 10 minute sunset shoot because you won’t be stuck talking to so many people for the whole day. Your photos will burst with love, creativity and fun.

5 Just you two

It’s a no brainer, but when you opt for an intimate day, it does feel more like its just the two of you celebrating your love in your own little bliss bubble and less like its all about everyone else. You two are the centre of the day, and you will feel like you have everything you want and need right there, in the one space. Its truly magic and intimate for not only your guests, but you as a newly married couple.

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